Carers Week 2020

Carers Week 2020

Monday 8th June to Sunday 14th June 2020

Carers Week 2020 is made possible by Carers UK working together with five other national charities. Together we’re asking local communities, organisations and individuals to join us in ‘Making Caring Visible’. British Gas, part of Centrica, is the headline supporter of this year’s Carers Week. Find out more on the Carers Week website.

Making Caring Visible

Caring can be a hugely rewarding experience but carers often find it challenging to take care of their own wellbeing whilst caring, and find that their contribution to society is not recognised and celebrated. Its impact on all aspects of life, from relationships and health to finances and work, should not be underestimated. Caring without the right information and support can be tough.

That’s why, this Carers Week, we’re focusing on ‘Making Caring Visible’ to ensure that carers get the information and support they need from services and the wider public.

About Carers Week 

Carers Week is an annual campaign to raise awareness of caring, highlight the challenges carers face and recognise the contribution they make to families and communities throughout the UK. It also helps people who don’t think of themselves as having caring responsibilities to identify as carers and access much-needed support. Find out more.


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Benefits Calculator

Benefits Calculator

The online benefits calculator makes it easier to work out which benefits you might be able to claim, and how much you could get.

Both you and the person you care for can use this benefits calculator as long you are over 18 and aren’t students. It is free to use and none of the information that you provide to Turn2us is shared with anyone else.

Make sure you have all the information you need on hand before you start. This helps to make sure that the advice you get is accurate. You’ll need:

Details of your income and savings (this includes investments and other capital).

– Your annual Council Tax bill.
– Details of your rent or mortgage payments.
– Details of any benefits you already claim.

You can save your calculation at any time, and come back to complete it later. Simply use the save and come back later option in the top right hand corner.

Once you have completed all the questions the benefits calculator will say which means tested benefits you might be able to apply for, and how much you are likely to get if you claim. You will need to make the actual benefit claims yourself – the benefits calculator doesn’t make any claims for you.

It can tell you if you might be able to claim Working tax credit, Child tax credit, Pension Credit, Housing Benefit, Council Tax Support, Child Benefit, Income Support, Jobseeker’s Allowance, Employment and Support Allowance, or Universal Credit.

Click here for further details

Find out more about these benefits


Please support us now

Please support us now

With the Coronavirus pandemic, it is changing things for everybody. Harrow’s unpaid carers are at the very front line. These are the people who are looking after a vulnerable member of their family, a friend or a neighbour. Many have been doing this for years, but in the last couple of weeks it’s got much tougher.

We are seeking your help to raise funds to tackle the impact of the coronavirus pandemic with increased costs including buying new electronic equipment for staff so they can safely work at home. With the increased risks we have had to recruit new care support workers urgently who are caring for vulnerable people in our community and these people are vital during this tough time.

We have had an amazing response to our appeal for volunteers to help at this time but now we need your help with funds to pay for essential things we need to provide the vital support which is needed now and in the future. We are urging you to help support our new COVID-19 initiative and services:

  • We are offering telephone counselling sessions and advice for our distressed and isolated carers.
  •  We will be delivering essential supplies such as prescriptions to relieve some stress off our carers so they don’t have to leave their loved ones alone.
  • We are providing homecare for patients discharged from hospital early, through our dedicated staff visiting peoples’ homes

Your donation will mean we can deliver support, medicines and food to the most vulnerable in our community, especially in times of emergency like this, making a difference to many lives.

£20 will help us to provide food and essential items for a carer and their family for a week

£50 will help us to provide counselling and support for a carer for 3 months

£100 will help us to provide daily support and care for a carer and their family who need homecare for a week

Please click the link to support Harrow Carers

Please support Harrow Carers by donating and sharing this with others

Thank you.

Be your own Boss?

Be your own Boss?

Working from home is often the only way many of our carers can work, as it not only provides an income, but allows for the highest level of flexibility; you can work the hours that suit you, whether it’s early morning or late at night.  There are free business plan templates and help and advice on how to write your business plan.

Click here to download a business plan template  – supplied by Start Up Loans London

Essential guide to writing a business plan

Please speak to your Employment Advisor for further support – Tina, Nem or Omer or contact the office on 020 8868 5224 Ext 218 or email 

Carers Trust Celebrates

Carers Trust Celebrates

Staff from Carers Trust and its London-based Network Partners gathered in central London to celebrate the success of a project that’s helping unpaid carers move back into employment.

They were joined by carers from across London who have benefited from the project.

Since October 2016 146 unpaid carers or former carers have found employment thanks to Working for Carers, an innovative partnership between Carers Trust and its London-based Network Partners.

A further 84 have moved into education or training while 74 are actively searching for work. Many more of the 739 carers or former carers who have registered with the project have taken a step forward by developing their CV and building confidence through attending project workshops.

Having demonstrated its success in engaging carers and helping them move back into work, Working for Carers will now move into a second phase of growth. The project aims to register and support increasing numbers of carers across London. And it will also implement learning from the first phase of the project, with a stronger focus on both employer engagement and tighter recruitment criteria for carers.

Speaking at the Working for Carers showcase event, Malcolm Moore, one of the carers who has been helped back into employment, said:

“My Working for Carers Employment Personal Adviser, Nem, has supported me since 2018. He helps people like myself in difficult and challenging personal circumstances begin the return to employment with one-to-one support, advice and training.”

If you would like to talk to Nem or the Working for Carers Team, please contact us on 0208 868 5224 ext 218 or email

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Photo: © Carers Trust