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Thank you for your interest in supporting Harrow Carers. As a non-profit charity, we know and appreciate the value of fundraising, donations and grants. We have reached the milestone of our 25th year in supporting Unpaid Carers and we hope to continue to achieve our aims through the support of our funders and corporate partners. The most effective charity partnerships are when both parties mutually benefit. At Harrow Carers we understand this and recognise that each organisation is different and has different needs and missions. We believe that Corporate Charity Partnerships should be beneficial to everyone and we work closely with all our partners to build strong and positive programmes that your company and staff will get real benefit from and that will support Unpaid Carers in our charitable aim.

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How can you support Harrow Carers?

  • Choosing Harrow Carers as your Charity of the Year
  • Identify carers within your organisation so we can offer help and support if required.
  • Can you provide work experience, apprenticeships or job opportunities for our carers.
  • You can sponsor one of our events or campaigns
  • Make a one off or regular donation
  • Organise an event for your employees to raise funds for Harrow Carers.

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How We Make A Difference

Many people depend on our services to help them get through issues and situations, through services such as counselling or mental health sessions to be able to carry on with their caring roles. These services have a cost to maintain and without funding we would have no way to keep them going. Harrow Carers we work with a range of age groups including many young carers. Donations to help us continue our work with these amazing young people can have a massive impact on their futures. Our help today could impact their growth tomorrow and aid them in having a better life.


Supporting adult carers

Benefits, social inclusion activities,

counselling, therapeutic wellbeing

activities, training, advocacy and

supporting carer-led initiatives

Working for Carers

Helping carers into employment

Supporting young carers

Aged 5-18

Supporting young adult carers

Aged 18-24

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