Hospital admissions are stressful and confusing experiences.  Anyone supporting a friend or family member during their admission into Northwick Park Hospital can now receive support and advice through the new service by Harrow Carers.


Our Service

The new NHS project is designed to raise awareness of carers and their value during hospital stays to all staff, to support the patient but also to facilitate treatment, aiding faster recovery and discharge.

The time in hospital can be extremely demanding on both the patient and the carer.  Often communication with staff is the biggest challenge.  However, carers should expect to be welcomed and valued by staff in hospital.  Carers should feel included in the care of patients and their discharge from the hospital.  Our hospital carers support team can assist carers to understand their rights and facilitate better communication with staff.

Carers can sometimes feel pressured to care for their loved one.  It is important to ensure that carers are properly supported and enabled to care, if this is what they want.  Our carers support service can also help discussing and determining the next steps from the hospital.  Hospital meetings may lead to a high level of stress and sometimes confusion.  We can ensure that these discussions are conducted in a way that you are comfortable with and ensure the best outcomes, both for the patient as well as the carer and family.  Having some support dealing with medical teams, social services and discharge teams makes the whole process easier on everyone.  Supporting carers can also reduce the incidence of readmissions or failed discharges, benefiting not only the patient, their carers but also the hospital and the NHS.

We can also provide essential information about support for carers, carers assessments, benefits and signpost to other organisations.  Harrow Carers has several staff running courses and activities for carers.

For more information please contact the hospital support lead on 07495 178694 or email




“Very helpful, Harrow carers always helped me in the past, still helping me in my difficult situation they have always been there for me.”

– Raxa Kanbar

“Very helpful, Harrow carers always helped me in the past, still helping me in my difficult situation they have always been there for me.”

– Raxa Kanbar

Regular Outings

We organise regular trips that take carers out to relax, learn and enjoy themselves in a range of different places.

Some examples of previous places we’ve visited:

  • Mayfield Lavender Garden
  • Hasting’s Pier
  • Headstone Manor Museum

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Every donation helps; whether it’s a one-off contribution like a legacy donation or a monthly direct debit. Your donations can help us create new services and provide better support to our carers. From complementary therapies to counselling and training for carers, your help can go a long way. Additionally, we have a number of ways you can fundraise by simply thinking of us when you go about your day-to-day lives!

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