Donate and Fundraise

Donate and Fundraise

Every donation helps; whether it’s a one-off contribution like a legacy donation or a monthly direct debit. Your donations can help us create new services and provide better support for our carers. From complementary therapies to counselling and training for carers, your help can go a long way.

Why donate?

Harrow Carers relies on the goodwill of the community to survive as a charity.

We operate within the community independently as a non-profit organisation. Donations can help us continue to run our services and employ the great staff members we have on board with us. As well as contributing to the survival of the charity, donations can help us improve as we use the funds to create new services and provide better support for the carers of Harrow.

£1 a month could pay towards complementary therapies which make a huge difference to carers’ wellbeing
£3 a month could pay towards the drop-in sessions our Young Carers’ Outreach workers facilitate at local schools where young carers are free to relax, socialise and do arts and crafts
£5 a month could pay towards counselling and training to help a mental health carer to cope better in their caring role

Want to know more?
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We can think of a number of reasons why you would enjoy donating to Harrow Carers:




  • The value of the free care provided by unpaid carers in the UK has been calculated as £132 billion. Yes, that’s billions of pounds and it’s more than the total amount of the NHS budget in England. Keeping carers well helps the whole population and helps our most undervalued resource (unpaid carers) enjoy a better quality of life.
  • We’re not like others; we don’t rely on public funding from the council or health authority as many other charities do. This makes us more independent and crucially, more sustainable as our funding comes from many small supporters rather than one big one. Charities which rely mainly on one source of funds are at bigger risk of closing if that funding reduces or is wthdrawn.
  • We know that you want us to make sure the donations you make really count and have the biggest possible impact.
    You can help us help others: we help thousands of carers in Harrow improve their daily lives in a number of ways. With better funding we could reach out and accommodate more carers and help as many people as we can.
  • Our range or services survive without it: many people depend on our services to help them get through issues and situations, through services such as counselling or mental health sessions to be able to carry on with their caring roles. These services have a cost to maintain and without funding we would have no way to keep them going.
  • Every little helps; whether you donate 1p or £100, the numbers add up. Every bit of money that is donated can help keep a light bulb lit or help a carer get advice. We really appreciate all donations we receive from the community because we understand, no matter the size of the donation, your contribution is vital.
  • A long-lasting impact: within Harrow Carers we work with a range of age groups including many young carers. Donations to help us continue our work with these amazing young people can have a massive impact on their futures. Our help today could impact their growth tomorrow and aid them in having a better life.

Leave a legacy


Writing a will ensures your wishes are respected after you’re no longer here. Leaving a gift to a charity in your will can be a perfect way of supporting a charity which has been supporting carers since 1995. This can contribute to making sure we continue to help others in the future.

Leaving a gift to charity in your will is not a foreign concept, 1 in 5 people leave gifts to charities in their will after looking after their family and friends. From the 2.2 billion left in legacy income only 7% is left for charities.

You may be thinking; ‘why should I leave some money to Harrow Carers in my will out of all the charities out there?

Well, we have a few reasons…

  • We can help others like you; 3 in 5 people in the UK will be carers at some point in their lives. With donations, we can improve the services we provide helping others like you who may be using the service.
  • Harrow Carers prides itself on getting the best possible value for every penny donated to us. We don’t tolerate waste and inefficiency and we want you to know your support goes a long way.
  • A legacy can make a big impact on the support we provide. Because we are very economical, unexpected legacy gifts can enable us to do things we never thought possible.
  • Legacies are a way to recognise the contribution you make, associating the work we do with your donation to our charity by naming a  service or facility after you.
  • Many people end up leaving a great deal of money in their wills which is subject to tax. Donations to charities are a really tax efficient way to donate, making the most of your hard earned legacy beyond the basic cash value. If you want to know more about planning your finances as a carer, you can contact local family lawyers such as E M Collins & Co. who will be delighted to help you.

And many more reasons we’d love to talk to you about.

We recommend you speak to a professional when making or changing your will to ensure you make your decisions with the best possible knowledge.

Fundraise for us

We would love to hear from you if you’re thinking about fundraising for us at Harrow Carers. No goal is too small and we’ll support you the whole way with whatever you choose to do! You can pick anything you like to try and raise as much as you can for Harrow Carers. You could even have a tea party…

Just contact us to let us know what you’re up to and we’ll get back to you about getting things going.

Alternatively, there are a number of ways you can fundraise for us for online at NO cost to you. Shop through these websites & choose Harrow Carers as your charity of choice… Each time you check out, you raise funds for us.

  • Cards for Causes: Buy prepaid giftcards for a range of popular UK retail stores, from big name supermarkets like Tesco to high street coffee chains such as Starbucks. You could raise up to 6% for Harrow Carers. A perfect idea if you’re looking for a gift for a friend.
  • Give as You Live: An online shopping portal and price comparison site that finds the best price for whatever you’re looking for. You help us as we gain a percentage of the money you save shopping online, so effectively you’re getting the best deal you can online and supporting us at the same time!
  • Amazon Smile: Amazon is one of, if not the biggest, online store available. If you shop on Amazon you can contribute 0.5% of your spending to Harrow Carers by simply going through our Amazon Smile link!

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