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Our Services During COVID-19:


We are dedicated to continuing delivering our services within government policy and social distancing guidelines. All staff members are regulary checked for any symptoms of COVID-19 and take all necessary precautions when visiting the office, carers and our clients. The following services are still active:


Counselling Service

Mental Health Support Groups

Well-being & Befriending Calls

Benefits Advice & Form Filling

Young Carers Support

Working For Carers




What has been going on?

London Youth Bronze Quality Award

After 10 months of hard work, we are excited to celebrate that our Young Carers Team was awarded the London Youth Bronze Quality Mark! It is a nationally recognised quality mark that is accredited to organisations that deliver the highest standard of youth work across...

Read our latest newsletter

The Harrow Carers News Bulletin is produced every couple of months and contains all of the latest updates to help keep you informed about our work and upcoming activities. If you do not currently receive our bulletins either by post or email but would like to, then...

Taking care of your own wellbeing when caring for someone

As a carer it is so easy to put the needs of the person you are caring for before your own. But as the saying goes you can not pour from an empty cup. If you don’t take care of yourself as well you will be no good to yourself let alone others. You could experience...

The Dilemma for Carers: Work or Stay at home

In recent weeks the political system has endured a whirlwind of changes as Rishi Sunak becomes the latest prime minster to tackle the cost-of-living crisis. Along with a new prime minster, Steve Barclay has been newly appointed as Secretary of State for Health and...

Planning ahead: what you need to know about end-of-life care

Understandably it can be daunting to make plans for end-of-life care. However, planning ahead can help reassure you and the person you are caring for that their wishes will be followed. It helps you and the person you care for feel more in control and creates a sense...

Supporting carers into work

If services supported carers into work, this could generate £1 billion in taxes. Currently, the programme Working for Carers is supporting carers in London to move towards employment. At the end of June 2022,  1,157 carers and former carers had registered with the...

Time Management for Carers

On average research suggests that unpaid carers provide approximately 26 hours of care a week, the equivalent of three full working days. Whereas some carers provide 24-hour care or may be balancing full time employment with their caring duties. Carers may find there...

Navigating The Cost of Living Crisis as a Carer

After a challenging few years of caring through Covid-19, the cost of living crisis is a new burden to unpaid carers. With unpaid carers facing a real-terms cut of 4.5% in their weekly allowance and energy bills predicted to rise by over 50%, Carers UK survey has...

Carer’s guilt

Guilt is a familiar feeling for many caregivers. For carers who work, they can feel guilt from having to spend time away from those who they care for. Carers may also feel guilt that they may not be doing enough or should be doing better in their caring role. Although...

A Quick Overview of Carers Rights at Work

When you become a carer, your whole life changes. Not only do you have to worry about the person you're caring for, but you also have to think about how your own life is affected. One thing that can be particularly difficult is trying to juggle work with your new...

Help with your health and well-being

We take a holistic approach to support.

We run workshops, clubs, counselling sessions, advisory services and other activities. We aim to make you feel better. We help you with stress management, mindfulness and well-being to boost your confidence and positivity.

Why not support us?

Every donation helps; whether it’s a one-off contribution like a legacy donation or a monthly direct debit.

Your donations can help us create new services and provide better support to our carers. From complementary therapies to counselling and training for carers, your help can go a long way.

Homecare Service

Caring for someone is mentally and physically demanding.

You may need additional help or some downtime from your caring duties. Our fully trained Care Support Workers can step in to support you as much or as little as you want, whether it’s occasional help or something more regular.

Working for Carers

We not only help you get back into work, but also care for your well-being and mental health.

Our experienced advisors in the Working for Carers Programme are dedicated to helping you become more confident and find a job that fits your caring schedule. Our training includes CV writing skills, interview techniques, as well as creating a positive approach to employment. We have several success stories of carers who have secured a job they love.

Check out our carers’ guide

As a carer there is lots of help, advice and support available, the problem is knowing where to find the information, this guide will outline your rights as a carer and give you details, information and guide you to where you can get practical help and support in Harrow.

New Wellbeing Package

Carers have full access to our services including the welfare benefits support, mental health workshops, social and educational events and training activities.

We help members take back control of their lives and improve their living standards by doing something for themselves. We have various payment schemes to fit your financial situation. 

Join our fantastic team

We would like to hear from you if you are ready to offer your skills to support our charity.

We are always looking for dedicated people who are willing to give up their time as a volunteer to help us offer the best service to our unpaid carers as well as those who would like to join our team on a more permanent role. Please have a look at the specific volunteering and full time roles we are looking for and contact us to register your interest.

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