Become a member

Become a member

All our members have full access to our services including welfare benefits support, mental health workshops, social and educational events and training activities. We help members take back control of their lives and improve their living standards by doing something for themselves. We have various payment schemes to fit your financial situation.

Membership Programme

Harrow Carers operates a membership programme for the use of our services such as Yoga classes and monthly outings. The annual fee for Membership is £120. This can be reduced to £100 if paid annually in advance (saving £20 per annum) either by Cash, Cheque or Direct Debit; alternatively you can also pay £10 per month by direct debit. This works out at a fraction of the price you would pay for these services elsewhere. Our membership programme includes:

  • Financial Advice: Information and advice on benefits, form filling for benefit applications and home visits.
  • Physical Health Services: Indian Head Massage, Shiatsu massage, Yoga, Yogalates, Indian Fusion Dance and Tai Chi.
  • Mental Health Services: A variety of workshops including mindfulness, Mental Health drop-in support group and counselling.
  • Recreational Activities: Monthly Outings, Coffee & Cakes, Expert Talks, Allotment, Drop-in groups.
  • Skill Building Workshops: Arts & Crafts, Training and Events, First Aid, Health & Safety, Back Care, Computer Courses, Language courses.

Our membership aims to offer as much as possible for the carers of Harrow. Typically these services provided individually would cost over £350! We’re always listening for what you may have to suggest for activities or services that could be beneficial for everyone that uses our membership scheme. If you have a suggestion for something that could be helpful for all our carers then call us and let us know.

Want to know more?
Call us on 020 8868 5224

Set up payment

To set up the payment you can ask a member of staff to support you or you can visit Go-Cardless here to set up a one-off or regular payment by direct debit yourself.

If you are struggling to make the monthly payment and would like to join as a member then you can ask to receive a Carers’ Assessment completed by Harrow Council. Upon completion they may be able to provide for you a personal budget to afford our services and any other things you may need as a carer, we would be able to assist you with this process by providing support and advice.

For any inquiries or to sign up please email: or call us at 0208 868 5224.

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Direct Debit Guarantee

Why not support us?

Harrow Carers relies on the goodwill of the community to survive as a charity. We are not a part of the council and operate within the community independently as a non-profit organisation. Donations can help us continue to run our services and employ the great staff members we have on board with us. As well as contributing to the survival of the company, donations can help us improve as we use the funds to create new services and provide better support to the carers of Harrow.

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