Writing a CV that will make you stand our can seem daunting, but if you can get help from employment support services such as Working for Carers.

Writing a CV
A good CV is one or two pages of A4, and includes the following:

– Personal details: name and contact details.
– Personal statement: short summary of your skills and career goals.
– Work experience: job title, organisation,employment dates and main responsibilities.
– Education: institution, dates and qualifications.
– Skills and achievements: in and outside work.

You can also add your hobbies, and note that references can be provided on request. Ask one or two people if they would be happy to provide a reference. This could be a manager, colleague, tutor or other professional.

Your caring role
You can mention your caring role on your CV, but this is up to you. It may help an employer understand any gaps in your work history.Think about the skills you have gained
as a carer as these may be useful in the workplace.For example, you might have gained skills in time management, form filling, budgeting and negotiating.

To read the CV’s and Coverings Information fact sheet, click here.

If you would like to join the Working for Carers CV Writing Skills online workshop on Thursday 20th August, please click here