With the Coronavirus pandemic, it is changing things for everybody. Harrow’s unpaid carers are at the very front line. These are the people who are looking after a vulnerable member of their family, a friend or a neighbour. Many have been doing this for years, but in the last couple of weeks it’s got much tougher.

We are seeking your help to raise funds to tackle the impact of the coronavirus pandemic with increased costs including buying new electronic equipment for staff so they can safely work at home. With the increased risks we have had to recruit new care support workers urgently who are caring for vulnerable people in our community and these people are vital during this tough time.

We have had an amazing response to our appeal for volunteers to help at this time but now we need your help with funds to pay for essential things we need to provide the vital support which is needed now and in the future. We are urging you to help support our new COVID-19 initiative and services:

  • We are offering telephone counselling sessions and advice for our distressed and isolated carers.
  •  We will be delivering essential supplies such as prescriptions to relieve some stress off our carers so they don’t have to leave their loved ones alone.
  • We are providing homecare for patients discharged from hospital early, through our dedicated staff visiting peoples’ homes

Your donation will mean we can deliver support, medicines and food to the most vulnerable in our community, especially in times of emergency like this, making a difference to many lives.

£20 will help us to provide food and essential items for a carer and their family for a week

£50 will help us to provide counselling and support for a carer for 3 months

£100 will help us to provide daily support and care for a carer and their family who need homecare for a week

Please click the link to support Harrow Carers https://www.crowdfunder.co.uk/harrow-carers-coronavirus-appeal

Please support Harrow Carers by donating and sharing this with others

Thank you.