Most of the carers we work with are full-time carers; caring for their loved ones in lieu of a job or career. There are also many carers, who whilst fulfilling their caring role are able to take on a part-time job and earn an income.  For many carers, being able to work is way to continue being part of the work force, maintain and update their skills and feel a sense of personal fulfilment.

Finding a part-time job is challenging in that they are not as readily available as full time jobs, however more employers are now offering flexible and part-time options than ever before.

We thought we’d share some top tips on how to go about finding a part-time job.

  1. Reach out to your employer (current or former)

If you are currently employed full-time and need to move to part –time hours, reach out to your employer and discuss your needs with him or her, being as frank and open as you can. Most companies today are understanding of personal circumstance changes and are happy to consider reduced hours of work to fit around these circumstances. If you are not currently employed, contact your former employer and check if they are able to offer you a part-time role. This should be your first port of call. Your former employer knows you and knows the kind of work you are capable of.

  1. Think about your schedule

You need to know exactly how many and what hours you can work. Be upfront with potential employers about your availability. Is your schedule flexible enough for shift work or do you need specific hours every day/week? If you can do shift work, express your flexibility as you will be required to work a variety of hours.

  1. Treat the process like a full-time job search

Looking for a part-time job takes as much time as looking for a full-time job and in fact, maybe more time-consuming as part-time jobs are harder to find. Commit to the process and leave no stone unturned. Upload your CV on all the relevant job boards, visit your local high street recruitment firms and spread the word amongst friends and acquaintances that you are looking for a part-time role. You never know – someone might know someone who has a job going.

  1. Target industries that are known to offer part-time jobs

There are some industries that are more able to offer part-time roles than others. Apply for jobs to companies within these industries; industries such as retail, delivery, customer service, hospitality, education, charities and healthcare.

  1. Beef up your CV 

Make sure your CV is up to date and clearly demonstrate the kind of work you have done and how you have used your skills. Express your skill level clearly and be sure to put everything down. You may think a specific skill is not relevant but a potential employer might think it isJ

  1. Consider temporary work

Don’t rule out temporary work. If you can get a part-time role that’s temporary, take it. If you prove yourself and the employers are happy with you, chances are that they might make the job permanent.

  1. Think about volunteering

Whilst looking for a part-time job, if you can, volunteer at your local charity shop or any other organisation. Often, these volunteer roles can become paid jobs. Charities are known to offer part-time roles.

  1. Take the interview seriously (link to interview workshop)

If you get an interview for a job, make sure you present your best self. This is usually the last step to being offered the job. Here are some quick tips for an interview:

  • Research the company before-hand so you know exactly what they do
  • Prepare answers to commonly asked interview questions
  • Dress appropriately
  • Be on time
  • Be honest
  1. And finally – have patience.

Finding something that fits in with your schedule and needs, takes time and perseverance. The process can be frustrating and sometimes demoralising if you get several rejections. But pushing ahead and keeping at it will eventually get you there.

We have worked with several carers and have helped them find flexible part-time jobs to fit around their caring duties. Please give us a call on 0208 868 5224 to find out how we can help you find a role that works for you.